New Year’s resolutions: 10 tips for fulfilling them

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It is time for New Year’s resolutions! Not only by food and drunkenness are made the holiday celebrations. After many get-togethers and Secret Santas, New Year’s Eve is also a moment when people make plans for the next 365 days. … Read More

Women entrepreneurs: 5 stories to get inspired

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Whether by opportunity or need, the number of women entrepreneurs is growing. About 30% of all private businesses in the world today are operated or have a woman as their creator. It really seems that “women will rule the world“. … Read More

Gender equality: helloNira joins UN initiative for equity in business

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HelloNira marketing agency is one of the newest followers of the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a UN Women’s initiative in partnership with the UN Global Compact to promote gender equality in business, in the workplace and in the community. According … Read More

Women in digital marketing: why it is worth investing

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Digital marketing was born practically along with the internet and has been present in our daily lives for years, but it is still a sector in constant and wide expansion, which has a dynamism of its own. One characteristic of … Read More